6 Myths You’ll Hear about the Orangetheory Manhattan Upper West Dri-Tri


The Orangetheory Dri-Tri is coming soon in Manhattan Upper West, NY, so don’t let the intensity of the challenge stop you from achieving your fitness goals.


When Orangetheory Fitness opens in Manhattan Upper West, NY, we will challenge and push you into the “Orange Zone” for more energy, more results and more life from your workout. Our one-of-a-kind, high-intensity interval training workouts will help you get to the next level and unleash your maximum potential.

And then there’s the Dri-Tri—one of our most highly anticipated fitness challenges of the year. Given its popularity across open studios, our “Dry-Land Triathlon” event has earned an infamous reputation across the Orange Nation for its intimidating and demanding nature. So, should you be scared?

When the time comes for you to experience our Dri-Tri challenge here at Orangetheory Manhattan Upper West, you may hear some rumors about the event. We’re debunking the myths surrounding this fun, memorable event and are excited to show how the Orangetheory Fitness Dri-Tri is the perfect opportunity to discover what you and your body are truly capable of.



Myth: The Dri-Tri will be too challenging for some members

Fact: All fitness levels can and will participate in the Dri-Tri!


If you find yourself a little hesitant to sign up, remember, you will not be alone. Every member is capable of crossing the finish line, whether you’re a runner or power walker, a bike rider or strider.

The Dri-Tri is our version of a triathlon and includes a 2000-meter row, 300 reps of body weight exercises, and a 5K on the treadmill (with options for bikes and striders as well as a Dri-Tri “sprint” alternative at 1,000 meters, 150 reps, and 2.5K). All of the exercises are meant to test your strength and endurance and are a great way to measure your progress.

At Orangetheory, you will quickly learn that the workouts are unique not only every day but also to every member. Everyone will be at different levels in their fitness journeys, and their heart rates will vary depending on age, weight and activity level. The intensity of the Dri-Tri will be entirely up to you based on how hard you are willing to push yourself.

Our coaches will be there to give you tips and cheer you along. Are we going to push you to challenge yourself? Absolutely! But there’s no doubt in our minds that you will be able to conquer it and come out winning.


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Myth: Winning with the fastest time is all that matters

Fact: You win just by competing and achieving your own personal best


The Dri-Tri takes on the form of a competition, with awards for the fastest males and females by age. While we do celebrate the class best, the overall goal is to beat your own personal record. Your future OTF Manhattan Upper West Fit Fam will know that just completing the challenge is a huge accomplishment and absolutely worth celebrating, whether you finish in 50 minutes or 90.

As you compete in additional Dri-Tri challenges, as well as periodic benchmark workouts to clock your running and rowing times, we’re excited to see you get faster and stronger over time.


“I love (and hate) Dri-Tri because it’s an opportunity to push myself and to also measure the progress I’ve made.” -BDMike


Myth: Since it’s a competition, you’ll be in it alone

Fact: Your future Fit Fam will always support you


Although the Dri-Tri is a competition focusing on your personal best, it’s an opportunity for us to work toward our individual goals TOGETHER. Every fitness challenge will be a bonding experience with your fellow members, coaches and staff. Our coaches will love cheering you on and being your number 1 fans, and as other members go on to finish their rowing, reps, and run, they will cheer everybody else on, too! Going through the same workouts and fitness challenges together will bring our Orangetheory Manhattan Upper West family closer.

We’ll also be hosting a Dri-Tri relay, which means you’ll have the opportunity to compete as part of a 3-person team.


Myth: Dri-Tri competitors are confident, fearless athletes

Fact: It’s okay to feel nervous


We create fitness challenges like this to help you build your strength and confidence. Having butterflies in your stomach before your first Dri-Tri is nothing to be ashamed of, but after the Dri-Tri is another story. You’ll walk out of there feeling like there was nothing to be afraid of, with a newfound confidence and sense of accomplishment to show for your victory.


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Myth: Go all out on the rower

Fact: Pacing is key


You will soon learn that the stronger you go on the rower, the harder you’ll find the other exercises. Instead of burning out, pace yourself and use your time on the rower to warm up for the reps and running.

Our heart-rate monitored workout will help you learn your personal pace for victory.



Myth: The Dri-Tri will be all work and no play

Fact: The Dri-Tri will be challenging and FUN


We will make some of our best memories at fitness challenges like the Dri-Tri! You’ll never forget your first Dri-Tri or the members and coaches who were right there with you. Our job isn’t just to push you to your personal best; it’s also to celebrate life and our new, incredible Orangetheory Manhattan Upper West family!



Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to “tri!”


The Dri-Tri will be coming soon to Manhattan Upper West, NY. Give it a “tri” and you’ll see all there is to gain from this experience. Don’t believe everything you hear or give into your fear—“tri” it out for yourself!


If you haven’t signed up yet—this is for you: Sign up here to learn more about Orangetheory, coming soon to Manhattan Upper West, NY, and to claim our latest membership offer. We’re excited to help you start your fitness journey and show you how you’ll feel after your first Dri-Tri! After your first challenge, you’ll be glad you made this decision and joined our Fit Fam!


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